Go on, be a rebel this Christmas. Say no to wrapping paper.

Go on, be a rebel this Christmas. Say no to wrapping paper.

We recently stumbled across this scary fact - the total waste wrapping paper the UK produces over Christmas could stretch to the moon if each sheet was laid end to end. Sounds a little exaggerated when we hear it like that doesn't it? Whether or not that is true let's think about it another way. That's us sending approximately 10,734 tonnes of Christmas wrapping paper to landfill every single year, in the UK alone! 

See the problem is that much of the wrapping paper we are likely to choose is dyed, laminated and often contains non-paper additives such as gold and silver coloured shapes or glitter, which cannot be recycled. This means that this wrapping paper is either thrown in the bin or, worse, albeit with all good intentions, put in the recycling bin, which means the whole lot is contaminated and has to go to landfill.

Christmas is a fun time and it's especially lovely to watch our friends and family open their presents with so much excitement! But at what expense? So, this year we are asking our friends and families to join us in wrapping all gifts up in creative/wacky/silly ways and consider using newspaper, paper bags, old calendars or try the Japanese tradition Furoshiki and use old pieces of cloth instead!

In our search for alternatives to wrapping paper, we found some particularly good ideas herehere and here!

Have a go! Join us and share your pics with us on our Facebook page. The best idea will get a gift from Arushi!

Small action. Big difference #1


Photo credit: Michele Pacey @ www.michelemademe.com

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