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Arushi is a social business and has been operating in the UK, marketing products for Gramshree and Earn N' Learn since December 2010. Our mission is to market ethical, handmade products that strengthen the communities they come from through sustaining livelihoods. 

We wanted to do something meaningful and that kept us connected to communities that we have grown to love over the years. Many organisations work with local communities with the vision that these communities will eventually become self-sustainable. This got us thinking how we can act as a vehicle between these communities, their handmade products and people here in the UK.

With a vision to strengthen these communities and initiatives, and after carrying out research into the current status of these products in the UK, we approached two projects associated with Manav Sadhna - Earn N' Learn and Gramshree. Both of these initiatives work with either the children or women who live in the urban slums or streets of Ahmedabad to give them an opportunity to earn fair wages, but also have access to education, health, security, a safe and nurturing work environment – at no cost to their dignity.

The products that they make include greeting cards, wedding and event stationary, clothes, accessories, amongst other things. We started this platfrom to offer handmade and bespoke products that are ethical.


Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead


Be meaningful

Being a part of something meaningful is important to us. Through sharing their stories and products we want to connect us (and you) to communities that are inspiring and that are creating positive change in the world.


Be communities

For us, community goes beyond a shared sense of place or history. We work with communities that have come together to build a stronger and better life based on shared values.


Be ethical

In a world full of many choices, we want to offer something different. Here are ethical products that are not only handmade and unique, but also strive to help us imagine a new relationship with art and craft.

It is absolutely important to us that the individuals and the communities we work with actually benefit from the way we work together (you can find more about this in our FAQs). Every product you buy from Arushi provides necessary employment and support for individuals who have little or no other source of income. Arushi is simply the vehicle, the bridge (any other ‘connecting’ type word you can think of) between these communities and you, providing a platform to share their stories and products beyond their local marketplace.