Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Each of our partner organisations are based in India and work with and within vulnerable communities to strengthen livelihoods with care and dignity. From exploring ways to reduce our collective impact on the environment to sharing design ideas to celebrating festivals together - we feel privileged to know our partners as our family.

Together we share a vision towards positive and dignified social change.

Earn N Learn gives young people from low income and vulnerable communities the opportunity to supplement their family-income by making handmade paper products. This platform enables them to strengthen their education, cultivate life skills and intentionally work towards a brighter future in a safe and nurturing environment.

Earn N Learn youth are given a nutritious snack, tutorial classes and loving mentorship on a daily basis while taking part in festivals, sports and other fun activities.  All cards are made with paper from recycled cotton waste.

Chhoti Si Asha is a volunteer driven social enterprise which works for building sustainable livelihoods for the underprivileged women and youth. Their endeavour is to work with the youth and women, as opposed to working for them – and therefore love, acceptance and collective participation form the cornerstone for them. Most of the uneducated youth that work with Chhoti Si Asha have grown up living in the city slums and make a living by begging or polishing shoes in the city market plazas. As part of the Program, they have been imparted with vocational training to make hand-stitched bags and lifestyle décor products.


Over years, many of these individuals have become masters at their crafts and today they produce fashionable, contemporary and suave products for corporate and personal use. 

Dreams Foundation has a vision to strengthen aspiring individuals who have a skill or talent and a willingness to work hard, but may lack support or resources. They aim to support these individuals in their entrepreneurial initiatives so that they can overcome the cycle of poverty that they they are often trapped in.


Shakti Centre is one such initiative that works with women and older girls who have not had the opportunity to go to school. With a focus on skills development, life skills and health, Shakti Centre offers more than 40 young women a safe and trusted space to cultivate their awareness, confidence and livelihood.








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