4 Good Reasons To Send An Earn N Learn Card This Year!

The people that make the effort to wish loved ones Happy Christmas with a card belong to a unique community; the 'old souls' that still treasure the art of taking a moment to write a kind message and enjoy the thought of their friends and family seeing an envelope drop through the letterbox with their name on it.

Here are 4 great reasons to send someone an Earn N Learn Christmas card this year....

1. Beyond cards. Earn N Learn cards are not just cards. Well they are cards, but they represent the courage and light of a special community of children (44 to be exact!) who use making these cards an opportunity to learn, play, grow and commit to building a better future for themselves. A time of the year to wish others love and light can start with this simple gesture.

2. Be green. Earn N Learn cards are made from recycled paper AND are biodegradable. That means not only were less trees chopped, but our eco-conscious receivers can easily add it to their recycling bin to keep the cycle going!

3. Be first class. A hand-addressed envelope in a big stack of electronically-addressed junk mail or bills almost always get opened first. It's true.

4. Be personal. Take a few moments to think about what the person you are sending the card to means to you and what you wish for them. You know how good it feels to receive a card. To know someone has taken out time for you. Beats a standard copy and paste job any day.

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